For My Tony Tiger,
Who keeps me inspired and keep going and doing better everyday. My #1 son, who has helped me to grow and grow up with.
I am so proud of you and the good man you have become.
Love, Mom

Carolyn R. Isgrig, Las Vegas, NV
I would like to thank Tony and Friends of Injured Riders for helping to give me focus and direction in my life. I have been going through some tough financial times, although employed I am under employed, and the inability to provide properly for my loved ones has driven me crazy. I am also a photographer and my business hasn’t provided the additional financial resources I thought it would. I have suffered depression and the overwhelming urge to just throw away my life. I have a few people in my life that I feel have been put here to provide an anchor in these times and Tony Reichart I believe strongly is one of those. Tony had seen my work as a photographer and asked if I minded volunteering some of my time to photograph some Friends sponsored events. It wasn’t something that would help with my financial issues, but at the time I figured it as a diversion from my problems. As it turns out by involving me in Friends of Injured Riders events, allowing me to be part of the work that Friends does, I have been able to see that my life has value. I have not yet needed any services from Friends, although I may in the future. However, the existence of Friends has given me hope and the realization that I do have a purpose in this world. Thank you Tony and Friends of Injured Riders without you I wouldn’t be me at this point in time.
Colin Johnson, Las vegas
I would like to thank friends Of Injured Riders and Tony for the support and help that they have given me. They have helped me get my license renewed so that I could start a new job, They have given me a dresser to store my clothes in, they have given me a television to watch to keep me up to date on events, they have given me money to take care of responsibilities, and help me start a bank account to help me get started with my life and make it just a whole lot easier to live. Thank you friends Of Injured Riders and Thank you Tony! It has made a big difference in my life and I appreciate it.
Jason W., Las Vegas
It is so easy to become dependent on another person to complete those small household jobs when they had been doing them for so long. I never gave them a second thought for 27 years. I would say “Honey, such and such needs to be fixed” and miraculously it was fixed. However, since my husband suddenly passed away last year I found myself alone and overwhelmed with all of those tasks that needed to be done. I am not a proud woman who is afraid to ask for help but when you are limited on funds you don’t know where to turn for help. It was not until my son introduced you and the Friends of Injured Riders to me that my world did not seem so filled with such Herculean tasks.

When you heard of my story you did not hesitate to help me with whatever project I needed fixed, no matter how big or small, or to lend an ear when I just needed to talk. I cannot express to you enough on how thankful I am that you & your origination came into my life. You have been a Godsend on so many levels. Thank you again for everything. May God truly bless you, your organization and all you touch.

Sincerely, Kim R.

Kim R, Las Vegas
Thank you for your giving our family direction with our needs with the loss of our Brother and Sister. The support from Frinends of Injured Riders was more than I could have ever expected. Thank you all very much.
Sincerely, Rob & Vonnie Church

Rob Church, Las Vegas
To Tony and Friends of Injured Riders,

We would like to thank you for your support and interest in our school. All of the supplies, hardware, and goodies you bring to aid our homeless youth population have been a phenomenal help. Your care and enthusiasm to impact students to be productive community members has not gone unnoticed. Thanks for all that you do, your passion, and vision!

An appreciative shout out from Western High School!

Jill, Western High School
To Tony Reichart and Friends of Injured Riders,

Words cannot even describe how much You and Friends of Injured Riders have helped Us through this horrendous moment in our lives. Thank You so very much for helping us with the creamation as we were absolutely Lost. Parents are not suppose to bury their children. We are grateful for the monies you have helped us save. You gave us so much courage when you went to Joe's house with us. Once again THANK YOU!

Please, Please let us know if there is anything we can do for you. Once again Thank You and Friends of Injured Riders for your care and support.

Mr. and Mrs. John Alexander

Mr. Alexander,
As Tony unfolded Friends of Injured Riders, I knew there wasn't a better person to undertake the task. His insight to new ideas go unsurpassed.

Looking forward to retiring from the public sector in a few years to come, Tony has given me a vision. This vision includes the steps necessary to make it a reality. His creativity is limitless and enthusiasm is contagious.

I share this because I believe that the lives that are and will be touched by Friends of Injured Riders, are truly fortunate. Tony is a person that is honest, trustworthy, dependable and compassionate. May God bless him and those lives that are touched by Friends.

Carol Glee, Oregon
Helping me through troubling time with Cancer
Thank You my Friend , I could not have been more fortunate
in my life when I met you that day in 2009 . An angel to get me
through the troubling times I was going through , and still
I thank You .
Ms. T

Tony and friends of injured riders, thank you for the items for my father "pops" that were provided. I'm very impressed that there's still people out there who are willing to help other people. I will be forever grateful to Tony and friends of injured riders. Thank you and God bless you all.
Ponce family , Las Vegas
Hi my name is Patti, I would like to show my Gratificadion to Friends Of Injured Riders. They have helped get my Faith back during this hard and difficult time, emotionally, physically, and financially. My Spirits are lifted a little more, along with my confidence. I have always been independent, but when I had to go through four surgeries to keep from getting paralyzed, my whole world came tumbling down. Thanks to Friends Of Injured Riders I am slowly picking up the pieces of my independance again, also I don't have to be alone anymore. With the Love and Support from Friends of Injured Riders I am getting a second chance to begin living my life day by day. I am not alone anymore for they are just a call away. Thank You From The Debth Of My Heart and Soul for being there for me. Patti Griffin
Patricia Griffin/Schultz, Las Vegas, Nv 89146

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